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Club Photo's

Club members, send your hunting photos to:


10 1/2 inch beard killed Easter 2006 by George Rosser


Opening weekend hunt.

10 inch Beard killed by George Rosser

Jake killed by Travis Rosser


Shannon Brown killed this 9 pointer 11-19-05 off of the club

Live weight 200 lbs

Another look at that 9 pointer

One more look at that 9 pointer with Shannon and Chad. WOW what a nice deer

George Rosser killed this 8 pointer on

11-16-05 off the club. Field dressed 155 lbs

This 10 point buck was taken by Jim Hoagan from the Redneck Hunting Club. THIS is what trophy management is all about!.

This 11 pointer was taken in 2004 from the club by George Rosser


Summer 2005 Deer cam photo from club

Another Deer Cam Photo 2005 from Club

Shannon Brown's cam from Club

Young Buck Summer 2005


9 pointer killed by Terry Munn in 2003 (location of kill unknown)

Kirt William's 10 pointer

Live weight 194- Score High 130's

Another veiw of Kirts deer

Close up of Kirts rack

Tylers first doe (hunting the stand alone)



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