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Member list 2005-2006

For Privacy and Security reasons, no member's address, telephone numbers or email address will be available on this site. If you need to contact a member, email me at for the contact information.

    1. Roy Love -                                           Honorary Member

    2. Eric Stringer                                           Club Member

    3. George Rosser-                                       Club President

    4. Eric Stringer JR                                      Club Member

    5. David Bishop (Chiggar)                          Club Member

    6. David Shelton                                         Club member

    7. Martin Patroski-                                     Club Member

    8. Gary Moore-                                          Club Member

    9. Phil Wallace-                                          Club Member

  10. Scott Tuttle-                                            Vice President

  11.David Baker                                             Club Member

  12. Daniel Alchason                                       Club Member 

  13. Jimmy Cox                                              Club Member

  14. Charles E. Crane                                     Club Member

  15. Brandon Bone                                         Club Member

  16. Robbie Sullivan                                      Club Member

  17. Terry Munn                                            Club Member

  18. Norman Sadler                                        Club Member

  19. Ted Stover                                               Club Member

  20. Todd Haling                       .                    Club Member

  21. Steve Parish                                            Club member

  22. Tommy Stone                                         Club Member

  23. David Lovern                                         Club Member

  24. Joe C. Ferrero- Woodstock, Ga.              Club Member

  25. David Steltenpohl- Winston, Ga.             Club Member

  26. Kenneth Estes- Dallas Ga.                       Club Member

  27. Tim Magnum                                          Club Member

  28. Jonathan .                                               Club Member

  29. Brandon Johnston, Douglasville, Ga.      Club Member     

  30.  Tommy Rooper                                       Club Member

  (page is in the process of updating. This list is not complete.)




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