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Redneck Hunting Club

Rules 2007-2008


1. There will be NO ALCOHOL while hunting on club Property.

 2. All Hunters and guests will be required to sign in (pin in) at designated spot. If you bring a guest, you must sign your name, stand number and time in and out.

 3. Any member not out of woods 30 min. after dark will be looked for. Failure to pull your pin will result in a $25.00 fine to be paid before you can hunt again.

 4. Open stand rule: Deadline for selecting stands is 5:30/ 6:00 daylight savings in Deer AND Turkey season. Anyone arriving after the designated time will have to check the board to be aware of other members and guest locations. After checking the board, proceed with caution and consideration of your fellow hunter. If you must cross an area where another hunter is in stand (for example: firebreaks) proceed on foot and quietly.

The exception to the Open stand rule is private food plots (marked in blue on the pin in map). You MUST ask permission to hunt a private food plot. This includes setting up a separate stand. There are several club food plots available for anyone to hunt. At the 2007-2008 meeting it was voted to allow club members to plant their own food plot using their own money.

5. Any buck taken MUST have four points min. on one side. Any buck taken with less than four points on one side will require a $50.00 fine. This will be enforced. Repeated violations of this rule will result in a loss of membership with no refund. This rule includes Bow, Muzzle loader and Gun season.

2007 Any child under 18 who is a club members dependant can shoot any deer (including small bucks) IF they have not killed a deer.

 6. Any deer killed during the season MUST be recorded in the log book at camp. Anyone not recording their deer will be fined. Repeat violations of this rule will result in loss of membership with no refund.

7. Anyone caught killing turkeys out of season will automatically be banned from  the club.

8. Anyone caught violating any federal, state, local or game laws will be automatically banned from the club. Members caught violating any laws will be banned from the club and or turned in to the local authorities.  This includes but is not limited to vandalism, drugs, assault, game laws, ext.

 9. The cost of a guest to hunt is $20.00 per day. No half days. Guests will only be allowed to hunt does for the 2007-2008 season including bow, muzzle loader, and gun season. Any guest that kills a buck will be charged a $200.00 fine. Members are only allowed two (2) guests at a time. No one guest will be allowed to hunt more than five (5) times in a year. Any child not in school (16 or older) must pay a guest fee. All guests must have a guest pass in their possession while on club property.

 10. No guests will be allowed to hunt on opening weekend of any season including, bow, muzzle loader and gun and turkey season.

 11. Members will be responsible for any rules violated or fines or fees occurred by their guests. These fines and/or fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE you can hunt again.

 12. Members family members including wives, children still in school or college full time , or children serving in the military on active duty are included in your membership and can hunt at any time. Dependants under 18 must have a parent on the club while hunting.

 13. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will redneck hunting club be responsible for injury or loss of property pertaining to cars, trucks, four-wheelers, campers, deer stands, ext.

 14. Members must abide by ALL temple Inland rules in addition to club rules. This includes but is not limited to Nails in trees, permanent stands in trees, cutting or damaging trees, ext.

 15. ALL DUES have to be paid by April 15 each year. Any member that has not paid their dues by the above deadline will have their membership considered open and will be filled by first come first serve. This rule WILL be enforced.

 16. No setting up on Coles Pasture or ANY pasture. Allow at least a 40 yard buffer.

 17. Dog training on rabbits will be allowed after 12pm and at night on Saturday and Sunday during Turkey season at camp. Monday through Thursday is open to any time and area so long as it does not affect another hunter. Deer season, hounds will be limited to night running only at camp.  No hunting or harvesting of the rabbits will be allowed by club members or their guests at any time.

18. 4 wheelers and ATV are allowed on the club however NO recreational riding will be permitted during Deer or Turkey season as other hunters may be in stand and should be considered.



Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe and happy hunting season.

 President: George Rosser

 Vice President: Scott Tuttle

 Board Member: David Stephenpohl

Food Plot Committee: Eric Stringer and David Stephenpohl.


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